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Hope for South Sudan | Pastor Support

May we have $5.00 each month?

   South Sudan Pastor Support - Contribute here 

Actually, it is not for us, but for the pastors of South Sudan. We are simply two pastors who have been there, have seen the conditions in which they live and want to help them. This is not coming from Holston Conference. It is not a Conference program or initiative.  However, we do acknowledge that we have been there because of a covenant our Conference made in 2007 to be in relationship with the people of South Sudan.

So we went there. We have worshipped our Lord alongside these our sisters and brothers in Christ. We have received their warm hospitality. We have felt their passion and joy in serving our God. And we want to help them as they seek to help the people of their villages. We are asking the clergy of Holston to give $5.00 each month to help the clergy in South Sudan. Most of us regularly give five or ten dollars out of our pocket at least once a month to help some individual or for a special offering.

There are 20 pastors who we would be supporting. Each of them would be given $100 a month in this covenant. As you probably know, one of our own Holston pastors, Fred Dearing, is serving there as District Superintendent. The distribution of these funds would come from his office.

Some of our districts have covenants with particular villages of South Sudan. In each case, some group within that district may have given some support to the pastor there. We acknowledge that to say that any additional funds given beyond our three- year goal will be used by Rev. Dearing to support the pastors there in some way. For instance, one option would be for additional training and education.

We are asking that you pledge to do this for three years. The total would be $180. That breaks down to $60 per year, $15 per quarter or $5.00 a month.

Our intention is that this will run from November 2015 to September 2018. You can contribute online at South Sudan Pastor Support or write your check to Holston Conference ("South Sudan pastors" on memo line) to the attention of Mike Sluder at the Holston Conference Office, P. O. Box 850, Alcoa, TN 37701-0850. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us by phone (865-414-4244 for Mike or 865-776-9919 for Nathan) or by email or

A final note of good news: this is not something you need to promote at the local church. It is simply the clergy of Holston helping the pastors of South Sudan.

However, if you know of individuals or groups who might want to participate, you are more than welcome to let them know of this effort.

Our goal is to have 400 pastors in Holston participate in this covenant. Since the two of us are committed to it, we only need 398 more! Will you be one of them?


Mike Sluder, Director,                                           Nathan Malone
Connectional Ministries                                        Knoxville District Superintendent

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