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Pastor Blog - Norwood UMC

Be Here Now

Faith of a Child

October 14, 2014

We seem to always be looking ahead, planning ahead.  I know in my family we have already planned out who, what, and where for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; that was done weeks ago, it was not even October yet.  I hate to feel rushed, I love to plan out details.  I sometimes feel like UPS with their slogan, "We heart logistics."  I am also in constant conflict to was to just trust God and know that things will come together.  For example today, I woke up to the roof leaking, and it is still storming outside.  I am not in control in this situation and it is scary and it stinks. to be honest.  Not only was I late to work, I have not showered or made the bed or made sure the pets had food and water, and I keep thinking about the damage being done as I sit here and type this, because that storm is still raging.  However, I need to be HERE.  I need to be thinking about right now, what I am doing at work.  How do you bring yourself back to the NOW when you find yourself worry about tomorrow or later?  I try to do it by music.  I love listening to Christian music while I work.  Sometimes a song will do it for me, and I will smile, look up and say "Thanks God."  Here is one of my favorite songs to bring me to now, to here done by the O.C. Supertones...

Can you count all the things that I'm worried about

By the lines in my brow, I want to trust but don't know how

To rest and be still, to abandon myself to your will

And I can't figure out what my time in this world is about

(Refrain) And this time I don't have an answer

But don't think that I haven't tried

I still have the heart of a seeker 

But I need the faith of a child

I need the faith of a child 

I know that Christ waits for me on the other side of this life

But I, I wanna know why I'm alive

'Cause I wonder from the path so far

Would it be easier, easier to be where you are


I wanna know what the truth is

And I don;t care if it's costly

I know there must be a reason

Even if it cannot be known by me

(Refrain) And this time I don't have an answer

But don't think that I haven't tried

I still have the heart of a seeker



We all need the faith of a child, because a child relies on their parents/guardians for everything.  They trust.  They know Mommy and Daddy will be there.  They do not need to know what happens tomorrow, or even later in the day, because right now, they are happy playing on the swings.  

So I ask again, what brings you back to now when we have a God that has promised us that He will take care of us... Look to Matthew 6. 



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