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The Call

Vol. E, Number 61

updated: June 19, 2009

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Ballot counts for 32 amendments

Holston members get to work on amendment<br>voting on June 15 at Annual Conference. Holston members get to work on amendment
voting on June 15 at Annual Conference.

Here are the totaled results of Holston Conference's vote for 32 proposed amendments to the constitution of The United Methodist Church. The vote was held on Monday, June 15, at the Holston Annual Conference in Lake Junaluska, N.C. These results will be counted along with votes from 122 other United Methodist conferences.

The numbers below show the total of "yes" votes, total "no" votes, and percentage of "yes" votes.

Download text of Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1: Yes-361   No-629   Percentage yes-36.5%

Amendment 2: Yes-63   No-930   Percentage yes-6%

Amendment 3: Yes-83   No-907   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 4: Yes-85   No-906   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 5: Yes-86   No-904   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 6: Yes-854   No-137   Percentage yes-86%

Amendment 7: Yes-90   No-890   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 8: Yes-895   No-97   Percentage yes-90%

Amendment 9: Yes-892   No-94   Percentage yes-91%

Amendment 10: Yes-96   No-894   Percentage yes-10%

Amendment 11: Yes-90   No-898   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 12: Yes-85   No-907   Percentage yes-9%

Amendement 13: Yes-85   No-907   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 14: Yes-81   No-909   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 15: Yes-861   No-127   Percentage yes-87%

Amendment 16: Yes-87   No-903   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 17: Yes-877   No-105   Percentage yes-89%

Amendment 18: Yes-98   No-894   Percentage yes-10%

Amendment 19: Yes-748   No-229   Percentage yes-77%

Amendment 20: Yes-93   No-889   Percentage yes-10%

Amendment 21: Yes-95   No-888   Percentage yes-10%

Amendment 22: Yes-896   No-88   Percentage yes-91%

Amendment 23: Yes-81   No-909   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 24: Yes-87   No-903   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 25: Yes-83   No-908   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 26: Yes-81   No-912   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 27: Yes-85   No-909   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 28: Yes-102   No-884   Percentage yes-10%

Amendment 29: Yes-88   No-905   Percentage yes-9%

Amendment 30: Yes-81   No-912   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 31: Yes-82   No-907   Percentage yes-8%

Amendment 32: Yes-81   No-912   Percentage yes-8%