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About Holston

Giving Options

Giving Options

Gifts are as individual as the givers and can bring economic benefits in the form of income and tax reduction. Selecting the most appropriate gift vehicle, as well as the best gift to give, requires careful thought and planning. While other advisors such as attorneys and accountants will be helpful in the process, the Foundation staff understands that “Christian stewardship” is not merely about income enhancement or tax breaks, but about faith commitment and love. We bring to the table experience about what others have done and practical guidelines to make sure that gifts are invested and used wisely for their intended purpose.

We hope the following helps you think creatively about the ways and means of creating your own legacy of generosity and faith.


Clearly cash gifts (simple as writing a check) are the most common form of giving to support the ministry of the church. There are also other ways of giving that offer tax and other potential advantages to the Donor and create an opportunity for substantial gifts that might otherwise not be possible. The maximum deduction allowable for gifts of cash is limited to 50% of your adjusted gross income (any amount given in access of this limitation can be carried over and deducted for up to five subsequent years).
Marketable Securities
Real Estate
Tangible Personal Property
Life Insurance


Gifts made upon death are the most popular type of gift of accumulated wealth because they give you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy while retaining full use of your property during your life. While a gift upon death offers no income tax benefits, every single dollar is deductible for estate tax purposes. Each of us through a property executed will have the opportunity to direct where our assets will ultimately go: to those family and special people you name, to federal or state government in the form of taxes, or to charity...such as the ministries of The United Methodist Church. The Foundation will be happy to confidentially listen and discuss with you or your advisor the best way to include United Methodist ministries in your plans.
Retirement Assets
Savings Bonds
CD and Savings Accounts


It is possible to give a gift now, but retain the right to the income from it. Such arrangements — often called life income plans — are becoming increasingly popular because both parties have the potential to benefit. Family obligations and the need to provide for retirement, coupled with the high cost of living, make it difficult for many people to consider substantial gifts now. Under a life income arrangement, you are often able to provide needed income, reduce taxes and, at the same time, make a gift that will have a substantial impact on the future of the church.
The Charitable Gift Annuity (fixed payments)
The Charitable Remainder Trust


The Body of Christ as the church has existed for two millennia. The Gospel is still being spread. The hungry, the poor, the lost, the lonely, and the oppressed are still being cared for by Christians around the world. The church is kept alive by the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of people just like you. The work of winning disciples to Jesus Christ will continue until our Savior comes again. Endowed gifts are established in such a way as to maintain a perpetual stream of funding for ministries. The investments and distributions are structured to conserve the gift and protect it against inflation while sustaining the ministries of the Church.
Local Church Endowment Fund
Create Your Own Legacy Endowment
Donor-Advised Fund




The Foundation has established several “seed” endowments to attract additional gifts to ensure that perpetual funding is available for new and ongoing ministries of the Church. Your gifts added to these funds can certainly help them grow while continuing their ministry:

· Ben St. Clair Fund for Starting New Churches
· Camping & Retreat Ministries Endowment
· Foundation Stewardship Endowment
· H. Ellis Finger, Jr. Bishop’s Fund
· Ministers’ Assistance Endowment Fund
· Mission Scholarship Endowment
· Partners in Crisis Endowment
· The Redwine Fund for Strategic Ministries
· Thomas Ware Seminary Scholarship
· Wesley Institute Educational Excellence Endowment

Since the Foundation’s founding in 1979, well over 400 endowments and trust funds have been established for the benefit of numerous churches and ministries in the Holston Conference. Each fund created has a story behind it. Many represent lives well-lived and the joys and generosity of the blessed. Others represent life’s struggles, both love and loss. Each fund also demonstrates an individual’s or families’ passion to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Let us know if we can help you leave a lasting legacy.