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About Holston

Investment Options/Performance

Investment Options/Performance

The Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church Foundation offers United Methodist churches and institutions related to Christian mission and ministry in the Holston Conference professional money management and investment services. Investment options include a variety of funds that may be mixed or matched based on the purpose, time-frame, and needs of each individual. Churches may establish multiple accounts.

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Balanced Growth Fund
Holston Conference Foundation's most popular and largest fund offering. It is geared as a long-term investment (longer than 5 years) and is especially suited for endowments, scholarships, and other designated-purpose funds. It is frequently paired with a spending policy that incorporates a rolling three-year market value average with a 0%-5% spending range. The BALANCED GROWTH FUND consists of a diversified mix of equities, fixed income, and cash investments that attempt to provide appropriate long-term returns at an acceptable level of risk with a heavy socially-conscious slant.

Equity Growth Fund 
A diversified all stock fund. With a 100% allocation to equities it is frequently paired with one or more of our other fixed income options. The equity positions in this fund are the same as the equity portions of our BALANCED GROWTH FUND. This fund also has a socially-conscious slant and is appropriate for long-term (longer than 5 years) investments.

Intermediate Income Fund 
Seeks to provide income above that of a short-term CD or money market account. Investors should have a time horizon of at least two years. The fund offers diversified income with no investments having a maturity of longer than 10 years. The fund is a popular choice for funds requiring a distribution of income versus a total-return distribution. The fixed income investments in this fund are the same as the fixed-income components of our BALANCED GROWTH FUND. The fund holds a mix of fixed-income equity traded funds.

Short-Term Income Fund
Is designated to provide short-term investors seeking income a return above that of a short-term CD or money market fund who have a time horizon of one year or more. The fund holds a mix of exchange-traded short-term index bond funds and an institutional money market fund. With record low interest rates this fund has become a very popular option for endowment spending accounts and other short-term purpose accounts seeking maximum earnings with minimal risk.

Social Principles of the United Methodist Church
It is the policy of the Holston Conference Foundation to make a conscious effort to invest in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds whose practices are consistent with the social principles of the United Methodist Church. 


Please contact us if your church or ministry would like to learn more about our investment options and services. We are pleased to provide details, answer questions, and even visit with individuals or committees.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]






Investment Policy

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Account Information Sheet  (new acct. or modify existing acct.)

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