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About Holston

Financial Assistance for Victims

Financial Assistance for Victims




The district superintendent, the episcopal office, the Holston Conference Pastoral Counseling Center and numerous others have the current list of those who offer temporary housing in their homes. They are listed in the booklet, but not on the internet. The spouse may call directly to the person of his/her choice. They offer pure hospitality—no strings attached. You have no obligation to explain your situation.

Temporary free housing is not to exceed three days’ duration. If it is not available, contact your district superintendent for motel or hotel accommodations. Such housing is not to exceed two nights and/or a cost of $125.

Meals Money for meals for two days will be provided at a per diem rate of $20 per person for the spouse and his/her children.

Transportation Cash in the amount of $15 is to be applied to gasoline, taxi, bus, and so on.


Short-term needs such as medicine, child-care, and so on, may be provided as needed through your district superintendent who will be reimbursed by PIC.

Longer-Term Needs A one-time sum of up to $700 will be made available for housing, utilities, telephone, deposits, and so on. Money will be paid directly to the provider of such services by the treasurer of Partners in Crisis.

Necessary funds for child-care in addition to this amount will be made available upon request.

The total of short-term and longer-term funds is not to exceed $1000.


A request for funds shall be made through the office of the district superintendent. If he or she cannot be contacted, any persons listed on the following page can be called in an emergency. The PIC treasurer will then reimburse the district office as funds are available. The whole dollar amount will be disbursed as needed, rather than in a lump sum, through the district superintendent.


The recipient of financial help should not feel embarrassed or hesitant to request funds for the emergency. If and when the spouse is able to do so, the recipient is encouraged to reimburse the funds in the amount of 50 percent of money received. This returns to the treasury to assist other spouses.

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